6 mud tank system package shipped in order to India with jet shearing hopper

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drilling mud system
drilling mud system

Next week we will send 6 mud tank system package with jet shearing hopper unit to The indian subcontinent for 1000HP drilling computer. The mud tank system is customized design as per client’s requirement.
The setting is as below:
6 mud tanks, each dimension 12192 x 2438 x 2440mm, it is same with standard 40ft container size.
1 product of twin jet mud mixer with jet shearing device on one skid
Mud agitator, mud gun, solids control shear pump , centrifuge feeding caries pump, hand railings, paths, liquid level meter, sewerlines, possem belly, vacuum degasser mounting body, decanter centrifuge mounting frame, etcetera accessories.
The mud tank is painting with tailored color and client’s company logo. All the safety pins as well as circlip are with restaurants to avoid loss during transport.
The tank bottom having 1 inch slope from a side of the tank sideways of clean out gate to get better cleaning of mud tank including all the pockets except for sand trap. Often the pipelines including diesel collection, water line, ream collection, mud gun discharge brand, suction line, etc, we all also prepared for the canal of poor boy degasser, possem belly, the client may install and weld all of them by using the flange, butterfly valves.
The twin jet mixing hopper on the same skid along with a jet shearing device for 1 of the hopper, we utilize hose to connect the hopper with the suction tank, along with use the support frame in order to lift it, and the strain gauge is used as 0~350PSI as the client’s requirement.
All of the lifting pods are painting like a pro as ZEBRA color for the reason that client’s requirement. All the Mud agitators, centrifugal pumps are generally without electric motor, the customer will install their own DGMS approved motor, the solids control equipments are from US ALL made equipments, which is selected by the end user drilling firm.

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