GN 500gpm recycling system for water well drilling

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GN mud system is usually working well in many different construction site, domestic market and international market. The GN mud system with compact design and style and reasonable equipment move line can work efficiently to take out the solids from drilling mud, and recycle the particular useful drilling mud in the close-loop mud cleaning system .

Recently, GN Solids Control mud system is operating well in Kuwait, for branch company of KOC. The consumer is water well drilling company, to provide service as well as clean water for KOC oil drilling site. Pretty much each oil drilling internet site need to drill one drinking water well drilling to give clear water supply for living men and women.

GN Solids Control 500gpm mud system is functioning well there with Clients’ trailer. The client design along with fabricate the trailer in your area, meanwhile, we design the proper size mud system and also mount it on the trailer home. The two parts matches well. Pls see below images.

The mud system is by using two main equipment, shale shaker & mud cleaner . Each equipment is with dealing with capacity 500gpm.
Shale shaker GNZS703E-HB is with 3 panel shaker screen to remove the top solids up to 100microns.
Mud cleaner GNZJ703J-8N is with 1 set deck shaker as well as 8 each desilter cones to remove the solids approximately 30-50microns.
After treatment of mud cleaner, the clean drilling mud can be reused regarding water well drilling machine. Because the drilling condition is unique, if for oil drilling application, decanter centrifuge must remove the solids up to 2-10microns to get better quality clean drilling mud. Oil drilling mud system is with higher regular requirement for solids control devices and mud tanks system, but for other drilling job, like HDD drilling, waters well drilling or CBM drilling, generally no need centrifuge.

GN Solids Control essential oil drilling mud system is usually working well for COSL offshore drilling, Oman necessary oil drilling company, Halliburton mud plant project. Etc

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