GN Shaker & mud cleaner exported to Russia in 2016

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GN mud cleaner
GN mud cleaner

GN Solids Control is China top supplier for solids control and drilling waste management equipment. Even in very down time within 2015, we export a few sets of solids control equipment to Russia. The reason being of high quality equipment and also our own base in Russia is actually running in correct way. Lately, we ship another four sets shale shaker and 4 sets mud cleaner to Russia, the client is actually local professional oil Service provider with many years relationship along with Russia drilling companies.

four set shale shaker specifications:
The actual shale shaker is equivalent to Swaco Mongoose shaker; shale shaker screen is replacement for Swaco Mongoose composite material screen. The actual shaker is equipped with 4 panel screen, longer shaker terrace with better treating overall performance.
If with 1 . 72kw Italy OLI vibration electric motor, it can be used for general solids control equipment;
If along with 1 . 94kw Italy OLI vibration motor, it can be utilized as High G dryer, to do drilling waste management. Heat treatment on total shale shaker deck with regard to High G force procedure.

The shaker deck is made from stainless steel for longer life time and less maintenance.
The shaker deck angle is modified with hands, easy work
Pretensioned shale shaker as well as wedge type fixation, with regard to fast screen replacement
The actual shaker vibration motor is actually Ex-proof, can be used for Course I, Zone 1 region.
4 set Mud Cleaner specs:
The 4 set mud cleaner is worked adopting the shaker. The Mud cleaner is quivalent to Swaco Mongoose mud cleaner; shaker screen is replacement for Swaco Mongoose composite material screen. The mud cleaner comes with 4 panel screen, lengthier shaker deck with much better treating performance. Mud cleaner only equip with one 72kw vibration motor. Some other technical specifications is identical to above information.

GN Solids Control have over forty sets decanter centrifuge in stock. The actual centrifuge is high speed centrifuge, which can be used for solids control and drilling waste management. The high speed 14inch centrifuge is equivalent to Derrick DE1000 centrifuge / Swaco 518 centriufge. If you need them, pls call us freely.

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