GN Replacement Shale Shaker Screens for Derrick

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GN shale shaker screens
GN shale shaker screens

GN Solids Control is a shaker screen and drilling mud system supplier, various replacement shaker window screens are manufactured for world famous shakers. By using GN cost effective shaker screens, drilling companies can reduce the cost largely which is rather important especially when the economy is not really good and the oil value keeps fluctuating around thirty usd/barrel.
We have already found many large oil and gas online businesses are downsizing employees since the final quarter of 2015. And this new year, we have not seen anything good can happen in a short period. The 2016 will be a tougher year, consequently using cost effective shaker displays can help cut the cost which supports drilling companies to survive.
GN manufactures replacement Derrick shaker screens for Derrick 600 series and Derrick 2050 series shakers and mud cleaners. GN500PWP and GN500PMD shaker screens can be used inside Derrick 503 or Derrick 504 shaker (which is usually called FLC500 series shaker). For the mud cleaner including Derrick 513 series as well as Derrick 514 series, GN 500 series shaker monitors can also be used.

GN replacement 700 series shaker screens like two types: flat bed variety (PWP) and pyramid kind (PMD or corrugated screen). All these screens are effective employed to replace Derrick 500 line screens.
GN pretension shaker screen technology guarantees most GN shaker screens are generally performing well in the original shakers. GN replacement 500 PMD type screens has much more separating room compared with the actual flat bed type projection screens, which will has better distancing performance.
With these years upon site feedback, GN Solids Control has been upgrading GN screens every year. Now GN shaker screens can be used for the very long period without cracked. Last year, GN No . a couple of factory was ready to start, where shaker screens is drilling to be manufactured in that new manufacturing plant. GN shaker screens might be provided in a shorter time frame compared to before.
GN Solids America LLC also has another shaker screens stocking and many equipment including desilter , Vacuum Degasser , Decanter Centrifuge, Mud Gas Separator, mud agitator etc. inside Houston warehouse. Welcome to connect to us for your shaker screen needs.

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