GN mud system for HDD jobsite

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GN Solids Control mud system for HDD project
GN Solids Control mud system for HDD project

Recently, we have two pieces of 1500gpm mud system for one big HDD task. The client is China neighborhood famous contractor on HDD project and Tunnelling undertaking. The 1500gpm drilling mud system which includes below items:
1) 3 units of shale shaker, every shaker 500gpm treating potential and 1500gpm for three shakers. GNZS594E-HB shale shaker is among the most popular shaker for acrylic drilling mud treatment software, the long deck having 4 panel shale shaker screen can certainly reach very good working effectiveness. For HDD project, 5 panel shaker is also popular. The price of 4 panel shaker and 3 panel shaker is almost same, but the functioning performance is much better.
2) 1 models mud cleaner with three or more ea desander cones & 16 app desilter cones. The mud cleaner is combination of desander, desilter and deck shaker. Much compact design with more compact footprint, the treating ability can reach to 1500gpm treating capacity.
3) 2 value packs centrifugal pump for providing desander cones & desilter cones. The centrifugal pump is replacement for NOV brandt mission pump.
4) One trying to recycle tank with above solids control equipment; one mud storage and mixing tank with mud agitators , mud guns, mud hoppers, shear pump, centrifugal pumps…. Totally 2 mud tanks for one set 1500gpm mud system

Except for this particular 1500gpm mud system, looking for over 30 sets 500gpm mud system working for CPP, China largest HDD company. We also export a number of 500gpm mud system in order to overseas client for drinking water well drilling.

GN Solids Control have two important products areas. One is intended for HDD compact mud programs, the other one is oil drilling mud systems / solids control equipment / decanter centrifuges. GN Solids Control have hold hands quite a few overseas drilling contractors, mud engineering chemicals companies, mud service companies, oil services companies, shaker screen investing companies etc . If you are requiring some solids control products including vertical cuttings dryer ,mud gass separator , screw conveyor , shear pump , oilfield shale shaker , mud cleaner , desander and desilter , vacuum degasser , poor boy degasser , decanter centrifuge , mud tank , mud agitator , etc ., pls contact us freely. You will provide with professional expert service, high quality equipment in addition to reliable after sales support.

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Thank you for sharing such informative blog, mud pumps are really important in oil drilling operations, it acts a plunger pump, which circulates the drilling fluid through the string and back up the annulus. Businesses who are in this field will find this blog interesting and informative.