Patented technology for high flow rates, long life

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Patented technology for high flow rates, long life

Gn Screen Mesh combines high-performance geometry and durable construction to upgrade the potency of any major OEM drilling rig shaker . The initial rectangular mesh in our patented Screen Mesh encourages high fluid-handling capacity. Unlike other rectangular designs, Mesh has got the stability and strength to increase screen existence up to four occasions in comparison to plain-mesh screens. It makes sense a screen mesh that reduces total costs and substantially enhances solids control.

GN productis found in a distinctive three-layer arrangement that produces exceptional shale shaker screens. The screen design features innovative oblong openings having a greater length-to-width ratio than other rectangular meshes. Additionally, it includes wire diameters which are 50 % bigger than comparable meshes. The big diameter wire is calendared to lock mesh openings safely in position. The 3 layers are constructed with carefully woven stainless. The center layer increases screen existence by serving as a buffer between your fine top mesh and coarse backup layer, in addition to becoming an analog deblinding agent for that top mesh.

The bigger wire diameters of mesh increase sturdiness and extend screen existence, leading to less screen changes and fewer down time. Side-by-side testing carried out in a number of drilling conditions signifies that-outfitted screens last from 2 to 4 occasions more than comparable standard-mesh screens. GN america company’s products certified for economically efficient to get more information please click here.

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